Travelling alone? Here are some helpful pointers…

If you’re travelling solo then you’re not the only one. Every year millions of people take time away from their desk and swap the hustle and bustle of work (and even retirement) to get some fresh air, a change of scene and simply have a break – on their own. I know as I have, many a time.

If you’ve not traveled alone much before then the idea can be daunting but rest assured, the rewards can be pretty awesome. You can go where you want, when you want, without the constrictions of anyone else (apart from the employers needing you back in the office by X date!). Below are just a few things to consider when travelling alone.

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Gay Business Networking

Tips on meeting other gay professionals, collaborating on business and how to make the most of new connections.

I firmly believe that at the heart of every great working relationship is a good personal connection and understanding from both parties. That’s why I think the best business networking starts with introductions to like-minded professionals.

One way in which you can make The Omyx Club work for your business is by using our business sections of it. As a member of The Omyx Club you can search for other members based on industry, location and working status. Finding other members in an industry and city you’re looking for is very simple and you can instantly reach out with private messages to introduce yourself. Below are some tips on forming great working relationships.

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We’re Live – The Gay Men’s Social and Lifestyle Club

I’m thrilled to announce that after a year in development, two focus groups, hundreds of hours of programming, hundreds of thousands of lines of code and eight investors, we have now officially opened The Omyx Club doors!

Late in 2015 I began researching and putting together the initial designs for a concept aimed at bringing a more serious dating solution to gay men. Then, early this year I sent the presentation to a friend and the concept began to expand. Before long it had turned into a gay men’s lifestyle brand with services from socialising through to travel and everything in between on offer – now we are live and I couldn’t be more excited for the future of the club.

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