How much do you love what you do?

How do you feel when people ask you what you do for a living? It’s a question that we have to answer a lot when attending networking events.

Do you feel proud when you talk about your job or business? Or do you maybe feel a bit bored by your description of what you do, or even a bit ashamed? Do you rattle down an elevator pitch that you don’t even believe yourself?

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Gay Business Networking

Tips on meeting other gay professionals, collaborating on business and how to make the most of new connections.

I firmly believe that at the heart of every great working relationship is a good personal connection and understanding from both parties. That’s why I think the best business networking starts with introductions to like-minded professionals.

One way in which you can make The Omyx Club work for your business is by using our business sections of it. As a member of The Omyx Club you can search for other members based on industry, location and working status. Finding other members in an industry and city you’re looking for is very simple and you can instantly reach out with private messages to introduce yourself. Below are some tips on forming great working relationships.

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