New Year's Eve 2016/2017

Stuck for a New Year’s Resolution? We’ve Got A Few Suggestions.

Another year almost over, and what a year 2016 has been. It’s fair to say that this year has seriously trumped anything we’ve seen for decades. Awful and unimaginable terror attacks around the world, some questionable political decisions, shock election results, the death of a considerable number of celebrity greats and the whole ‘Brexit’ thing (I’ll stay neutral here). And, whether you were for or against Trump and/or Brexit, it truly has been an incredible year.

The great news though, of course, was the launch of The Omyx Club. We’re less than two months in now and already have hundreds of members, seen tens of thousands of visits to us and had some fantastic events – our launch drinks party, our first supper club, a Christmas social and a press night at the London Palladium for a festive performance of Cinderella!

Now, with 2017 knocking on the door, here’s to hoping all our Omyx Club members and the wider-world too have an incredible year ahead. If you go in for resolutions but are stuck looking for some inspiration, I’ve outlined a few fun resolutions that you may consider adopting next year.

While a lot of people go for dry January, I myself find it easier to do Dry February. Firstly, (let’s get this out of the way) it’s the shortest month so it’s a slightly easier target. However, secondly, and probably the main reason why I prefer it to Dry January, I find it easier to give-up something on my own. I always found people did it in “pacts”, which meant that giving up together was far too tempting. The justification that if other people broke their pact then it was okay for you too, was always inevitable. For me, strength in numbers, just didn’t work. So, if you’ve previously tried Dry January, and failed, then have a go at Dry February instead. It’ll take a lot of will power but doing it on your own might be easier.

Meet New Friends
Friendships are wonderful – we all love the idea of having a close-knit circle of friends around us, who’ve got our backs and support us through thick and thin. Some of us love the idea of friendships where we can waltz into friends’ apartments and houses and cry on their shoulders. That, no matter what happens, they’ll be there. There are people fortunate enough to have friendships like that. But it takes work and strong, reliable and loyal friendship takes work. The best place to start? Meeting people! Meeting people isn’t as easy as you first may think. If you’re struggling for places to meet new friends, then I’d recommend you attend one of our Omyx Club events.

Become LESS Informed
Yes, I said it, less informed. This might seem odd but it can be pure bliss. There’s always a lot of focus on negativity within the news and it’s easy to become helplessly angered and frustrated by stories. Try going a week or even a month without reading the news. Turn off those news app notifications, avoid reading the papers and scroll past news stories on social media. Better yet, if you can, try to avoid Facebook’s newsfeed altogether. While I would certainly not recommend it longer term, having a week or month away from the news, might give you a welcome break to clear your head and focus on your life. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends that you’ve given up reading the news for a short while either – people will, likely, probably respect you for it. Being well informed is great but ask yourself how it’s helping YOU to reach your own life goals? Chances are, often, the stories really aren’t helping or affecting your life in any way shape or form.

Quit the Job You Hate
This one only applies if you’re unhappy in your work, of course. Every year, millions of people work in jobs they hate, sometimes without a choice. However, in a huge number of cases, the job you are working at is your choice. If you hate it then do something about it. This is a big resolution to make and it will require taking that ever terrifying ‘leap of faith’ but it might just help you to find a job that you love. After all, life is far too short to spend it doing something you hate! It’s no rehearsal, so chase your dreams and go get your dream job.