Dating, Socialising and Networking – How it Works on The Omyx Club

We’re unlike most dating websites and we’re certainly different from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. That’s because we are neither a “social network” nor a “dating website”. We’re a members’ club for gay men, with a wonderful blend of our online platform and fantastic events schedule. I thought I’d take a few moments to explain, in a bit more detail, how the dating and socialising side of The Omyx Club work.

When you join The Omyx Club we’ll ask you a few questions to complete your profile. One of these questions is your ‘relationship status’. Whatever you answer, whether single, dating, partnered or married – you still have access to the same great club! You can even choose the option ‘prefer not to say’, so there really is no pressure here. The only difference between your answers is that we’ll try and tailor content to you. Everyone has the same access to our ‘socialising’ section of The Omyx Club and here you can search for other members based on their relationship status. If you’re single and looking for other single gay men to connect with then you can search based on age, interests and various other criteria – most importantly their relationship status. Whatever your relationship status is set to, if you are looking to socialise with others and simply meet new friends, then you can either ignore this filter.

We’ve setup the club like this to take away the pressure of more traditional dating websites and put the focus back onto socialising, networking and (if you want to) a friendlier approach to dating. Perhaps that makes us a little more old-fashioned than most impersonal apps and sites on the market for gay men, but we value the traditional aspects of really getting to know someone first. After all, it’s probably the best way to know whether you’d like to see them again! So, whether you’re looking for the love of your life, a travel companion or new friends, we can assure you we’ve got it covered – join The Omyx Club today.