How much do you love what you do?

How do you feel when people ask you what you do for a living? It’s a question that we have to answer a lot when attending networking events.

Do you feel proud when you talk about your job or business? Or do you maybe feel a bit bored by your description of what you do, or even a bit ashamed? Do you rattle down an elevator pitch that you don’t even believe yourself?

Where you are on this spectrum says a lot about how you feel about your career or business. If you do not feel inspired and energised by what you do, it may be time to explore the reasons for this. It does not matter what brand you work for or what your income is, what counts is whether you love pursuing what you do.

Life is too short to waste it working in a job or business that you don’t enjoy.

If this resonates with you, we have just the right thing for you: Omyx Club member Hans Schumann just published his first self coaching book called “Falling in love with your job – How to create more excitement and fulfillment in your career.”

In his book, the lawyer-turned-life coach takes us though an inspiring journey of self-exploration to gain clarity about what we really want from our career, and ultimately our lives, and then find a way to make our job a part of our own chosen mission in life.

Hans strongly believes that job satisfaction is something that we create, rather than it being given to us by our employer. Readers are given the tools to either re-engage with their current job more positively or find a new job, career or business that inspires them more. Sometimes this require practical actions, in other cases just a mind-shift.

His book will show how this can be achieved and provides a wealth of practical tools and exercises for self-coaching. As part of the process, readers will learn how to manage themselves more effectively at work in such important areas such as time management, confidence, communication, perfectionism and emotional balance.

Hans also describes how he went through this journey himself. After two years of serious illness with an auto-immune disease, he re-evaluated his life and left the golden cage of the corporate world to start working as a personal coach. A business that now allows him to pursue what matters most to him: personal growth.

Whilst the book focuses on career issues, it’s ultimately about life quality in general and the tools and exercises that Hans provides will create a lasting impact on all areas of your life.

The book “Falling in love with your job – How to create more excitement and fulfilment in your career” is available on Amazon now.

You can connect with Hans Schumann on The Omyx Club now – view his profile.