Coverage of The Omyx Club

Since we launched just three weeks ago today, we’ve been extremely fortunate to have been featured in a number of prominent business and news publications. Is4Profit, Startups, Growth Business, New Business and BDaily have all covered our launch and stories around The Omyx Club. We wanted to share them with you today. Have a look below!

Growth Business – Shaking up London’s Gay Scene
“Gay Londoners are bored of the current social scene, says Edward Johnson. Struck by the tedium of socialising in the capital, Johnson set up The Omyx Club, a members network for the city’s discerning gay men. Here’s his story…” – Read the full article here.

The LGBT Community: A Possible Target Market?
“Gay entrepreneur ,and owner of The Omyx Club, Edward Johnson explains why your small business should be targeting the ‘pink pound’. It’s estimated that in the UK alone the ‘pink pound’ purchasing power is around £6bn every year. That’s a substantial market and one that certainly shouldn’t be ignored by businesses…” – Read the full article here.

Launching a new business to market in your 20s
“There are some businesses that turnover revenue from day one and haven’t required any funding to get them off the ground, they start small and grow significantly overnight. These viral success stories are hard to find. The truth of the matter is that most start-ups you see out there today have been working hard for months or even years, to prepare for launch, with the financial backing of seed investors, crowdfunding or even considerable personal savings. So, if you’re serious about launching a business, at any age, whether it’s your first business or your seventh, look at how much you’ll need to support the business…” – Read the full article here.

The Omyx Club: Edward Johnson
“The serial entrepreneur, and A-levels drop-out, talks about his new lifestyle club for discerning gay men “who want something different”…” – Read the full article here.

The Omyx Club – Exclusive New Lifestyle Club
“New in London this Autumn is The Omyx Club; the lifestyle club for discerning gay men, which will be centred around exciting, regular events in the capital whilst providing a platform for like-minded gay males to socialise, date, network and travel. Offering something different from the current gay scene in London, The Omyx Club operates online through a dedicated website, with a mobile app planned for later in the year…” – Read the full article here.