Recruitment Solutions: 5 Ways To Boost and Market Job Openings

At The Omyx Club we have a number of services to help our professional members. These include networking drinks, business talks, online business networking and even a jobs board! If you’re recruiting you’ll know what a struggle it can be to get the right candidates applying for your role. Well, here are our five tips and tricks to help promote your jobs further…

1. Use Social Media
It’s really important that you’re sharing your job openings on social media and we’re sure you probably are. But, are you using all the channels as best you can? The key is to understand your ideal candidate and what they are using social media for. Are they following hash-tags? Do they look at what’s trending? Which types of accounts do they follow? Once you’ve worked this out you can then include the right hash-tag next to your tweet, encourage re-tweets from people they follow and respond to the trends they are following too. If a candidate is a finance analyst then look for ways to reach them with a hashtag like #FTSE100 or #Finance.

2. Be Approachable
How readily available are you to potential candidates? Is there a direct line on your application form? Is there a way for candidates to drop you an email if they have questions about the role? Do you give them the option to enquire without putting pressure on them to ‘apply’? It’s a far easier sell if you are giving people the option to enquire without any pressure to actually apply. You can talk to potential candidates about the role and if you feel they might just be the right person then you’ve done the hard part and already got them on the phone or over an email.

3. Use your Existing Audience
This is harder to do if you’re a smaller company but if you are a smaller company then it might also be more effective. Use your existing audience of employees to spread the word and share the job within their social circles. Ask employees to share job openings on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Make sure they have an incentive such as a referral scheme payment and make sure they are your greatest advocates by treating them well in the first place (I would hope this is a given). You might be surprised at just how many employees have friends in similar roles at different companies.

4. Promote your Business
I would hope that you’re already doing this but how personally are you doing it? Are you tweeting about what a superb company you’re working for? Make sure you do! Show the world that you love your job and get the candidates to chase you for their dream job in their dream company. In my previous role at Zoopla I had heard about an open role but it wasn’t even promoted on the website. But, because I knew a bit about the business and could see from their website what an exciting and vibrant office and team it was – I chased them! I found the head of recruitment on LinkedIn and sent him a LinkedIn message, email and applied for a different role just to get my CV in front of him.

5. Share it for FREE with The Omyx Club
Finally, and of course we had to say this – post your job opening on The Omyx Club! We see thousands of visits to our website every week and have a huge following of well-educated, hard-working and highly-connected professionals. It’s totally free to list a job with us so what have you got to lose? You’ll be spreading the word further afield and your business will seem even more awesome for promoting diversity. Winner! Join now.