Travelling alone? Here are some helpful pointers…

If you’re travelling solo then you’re not the only one. Every year millions of people take time away from their desk and swap the hustle and bustle of work (and even retirement) to get some fresh air, a change of scene and simply have a break – on their own. I know as I have, many a time.

If you’ve not traveled alone much before then the idea can be daunting but rest assured, the rewards can be pretty awesome. You can go where you want, when you want, without the constrictions of anyone else (apart from the employers needing you back in the office by X date!). Below are just a few things to consider when travelling alone.

Make a Plan

Seriously, the idea of spontaneity is wonderful and there are some people who really can manage it. For most people though, the thought of not knowing what’s going on or where you are going to stay is stressful at the very least. So, make a plan as to where you’re going to be staying and the sort of area you’ll be staying in. Are there lots of hotels in the city you’re planning to visit? If not or it’s a busy time of year then it is most certainly worth booking in advance. If you’re in the countryside and the accommodation options are limited then it’s even more important to book in advance.

Do Your Research

Is there a big festival happening in the city or country you are visiting on the week you were hoping to have a quiet week? Are there certain holy holidays meaning that tourist attractions will all be closed down? It’s worth checking. Researching the culture and calendar of the country and city you’re visiting will give you the right insight and help you to know what to expect. I’m not saying you need to do a lot of research but even half an hour on Google will help.

Meet the Locals

This can seem daunting if you’re on your own. However, rest assured that in most cultures and countries around the world – people are friendly! Remember that we’re social animals and if you’re shy, ask yourself what you’ve got to lose by saying hello to someone in a bar or on the beach? If that seems too much why not see who else on The Omyx Club is close-by and drop them a message.

Go Out

It may seem obvious but if you’re on holiday on your own, go out and enjoy the sights. Don’t stay in alone. Book tickets to the theatre, visit tourist attractions, pop into the local bar, and take a walk on local trails. It’s all possible on your own. If you’re staying in a hotel then ask the owners or concierge for some tips on the places to check-out. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy yourself! If you’re eating out alone ask whether you can be sat at the bar or find a restaurant with communal tables. Remember you can even have a chat with the waiter. Start a conversation and who knows where it’ll lead.

If you don’t like the idea of travelling solo then we have a tip for you too – join The Omyx Club and checkout our travel companions section. Post your ideal holiday and see who else would be interested in accompanying you!